River Trails Middle School

  • Client:
    River Trails Middle School
  • Location:
    Mount Prospect, IL
  • DIRTT Solutions & Finishes:

    Embedded Technology with Touch Film, Clerestory Walls, Unitized Glass, Framed Glass Butt Hinge Doors, Electric Locks, DIRTT Power, DIRTT Millwork, Back Painted Glass, Magnetic Marker Board
  • Project Team:

    FGM Architects
    Nicholas Construction

A learning environment that challenges conventional thinking

The administration and planning team at this leading middle school utilized DIRTT to help the renovation of the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, & Math) classroom and office areas live up to their mission statement of “Ready for Excellence”. Full glass and clerestory walls provide an open and bright environment to learn and work in, while writeable tiles and integrated technology (including touch film at LED monitors) encourage interactive learning.