Leading Private Equity Firm

  • Client:
    Leading Private Equity Firm
  • Location:
    Chicago, IL
  • DIRTT Solutions & Finishes:

    Butt Jointed Laminated Glass with Spandrel Returns, Slim Profile Glass Butt-Hinge & Sliding Doors, Frameless Glass Sliding Doors, Clerestory combination walls, Fabric Wrapped Tiles
  • Project Team:

    Stephen Yablon Architecture
    Executive Construction, Inc

Maximum Light, Minimum Sound Transfer

This leading private equity firm leveraged DIRTT to create a space that was both open and acoustically sound. Single and double pane laminated glass walls provide additional sound blocking support and allowed the firm to use glass spandrel returns between offices to allow light to freely flow throughout their corridors and offices. DIRTT glass clerestory walls and sliding doors abut the executive offices and create a bright shared meeting space with an efficient real estate footprint.

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