Embassy Suites

  • Client:
    Embassy Suites
  • Location:
    Chicago, IL
  • DIRTT Solutions & Finishes:

    Embedded Technology, Butt Jointed Glass Frameless Glass Doors, Clear and Custom Branded Glass, Back Painted Glass Tiles, Fabric Wrapped Tiles
  • Project Team:

    In-House Design by Embassy Suites
    In-House Construction Management by Embassy Suites

A living, breathing example of the power of DIRTT

Management at the Embassy Suites Chicago Magnificent Mile flagship hotel leveraged DIRTT to create one of the largest indoor gardens in Chicago in their open atrium lobby. DIRTT’s breathe indoor plant system supports the hotel’s “farm to plate” initiative with herbs scattered throughout the various plant pods while LED monitors are seamlessly integrated within the freestanding structures for hotel signage and guest entertainment. DIRTT installed quickly and cleanly with minimal interruption hours with guest rooms just a floor above.