You know what needs a good revolution? The construction industry. The material waste, energy use, and carbon footprint of constructing buildings are just some of the things that make it an industry in deep need of a reset. Simply recycling and using less intensive materials won’t cut it. We need to change the entire approach. For our part, we’ve decided to take it head on and call what we’re up to: Doing It Right This Time. DIRTT for short.

Construction is one of the most wasteful industries. Virgin materials are cut down to size and the remnants disposed of. Wire, drywall, wood, paint, carpet – all these things end up in a bin. A bin you pay for. Then you pay for those bins to be transported elsewhere and dumped. This all happens whether you are recycling or not. And if you are recycling the waste – it now has to be transported somewhere else and energy is used to turn it into something else.

What if you could minimize what goes in the bins and the bins themselves?
DIRTT produces custom designs driven by our clients with Design Assist from the Accelerate team. The building components are built in a factory with rigorous sustainability programs and minimal material waste. The components are made from environmentally thoughtful materials and as lightweight as possible for transportation. Once everything arrives, it is quick-connected on the jobsite. Construction is finished one-third faster than normal, clients discover everything is easily and cleanly maintained because it is all made for disassembly.
Accelerate is here to help you at a local level and our job is to create a solution that reflects your needs and evolves in real time with your vision. We produce your completely unique and precise designs through our software platform called ICE®. Everyone can explore the design in a vivid and interactive 3D videogame experience. Simultaneously, ICE responds to your changes of the design with instant pricing, specifications and production data for manufacturing.
We want our sustainability story to transfer from DIRTT to your organization. Once moved in, your interior environment is adaptable. It responds with you as you respond to opportunities, new demographics, new technologies, and life in general. All without demolition and rebuilding. It’s a sustainability story with a powerful ROI story. Helping you to do more with less and in the end, you’re building better. We need to change the way we build, renovate and maintain buildings. DIRTT can help.