In the past few years, organizations have shifted from offering efficient and plain offices to "beautiful spaces," a phrase coined by the Chief Human Resources Officer of LinkedIn. 

Check Out This View

A census from 2011 showed researchers that people who live din more scenic places reported feeling happier and healthier. In the last decade, that often meant employees would opt to work from the comfort of their home. By mapping this concept onto an office environments, we can deduce that when an employees comes to work, they're more than likely looking for a space that is aesthetically pleasing, where they can be comfortable and productive. In parallel to this trends has been an abrupt shift back to "homing from work" where workplace design has more closely reflected residential environments, thus providing the types of spaces workers sought outside of the conventional office. 

Business have begun to implement several game-changing productivity boosters into the workplace, such as more spaces with natural light and green spaces, which research shows can have a positive effect on an employee's well-being and capabilities. With single- and double-pane glass walls, you can renovate your space into a sleek, larger looking area with ample natural light. DIRTT solutions also provide acoustic control, while keeping an open-air feel to your space. 

If Walls Could Talk

As a reflection of forward thinking and innovative business models, modern offices need to level up their spaces to retain existing teams and compete for incoming talent. Natural light and green spaces are obviously top contenders, along with methods to address sound transfer, and a defined look specific to your company. One of the biggest contenders, interactive walls. 

Employees are looking for spaces with eye-catching and memorable details – something to rest their eye on besides a computer screen. Artwork, canvases, sculptures, even light fixtures can break up the boring in a static space. Incorporation of DIRTT Timber architectural structures add warmth on another layer of details that provide functional meeting, lounge or focus spaces. One thing we know for sure, the days of simple painting your walls an accent color are long gone!

Dynamic interior solutions are quick to install and high on ROI from an aesthetic, efficiency, future flexibility and adaptability perspective. Speaking of interactive, did you know DIRTT walls can include LED screens embedded for a seamless conference room environment with seamless plug-and-play technology? They come covered in back painted glass tiles to create a safe and durable marker board surface that enables you to write over the content on your screen. Take a step further and integrate touch screen film that converts any standard TV into a piece of interactive technology where you can control your PC as if it were a hand-held tablet. 

Focus, Collaborate, Learn and Socialize

These are the four key principles identified in Gensler's Workplace Index that should be considered when creating a space for employees. More and more, employees are looking for independence from their desk and the freedom to work remotely without going off-site. Companies are choosing to adapt to a more flexible working space, allowing employees to pick up and roam if need be. This can mean creating several different dynamic spaces that allow for different capabilities and experiences. Constructing a floor plan that implements diverse workplaces, form cubicles to working cafes, smaller meeting rooms to conference rooms, you're allowing employees to have more autonomy over their day, potentially allowing for more productivity as you do it. 

The important thing is to have a dialogue with your workforce, in order to collaborate on the creation of an office that makes sense for the wants and needs of your employees. Thanks to the flexibility of pre-fabricated installations, Accelerate is ready to get to work on building the office of your dreams. 

Looking for a sleek, classic interior? How about a dynamic floor plan with green space built-in? We're ready to get creative in order to find the solution that works best for you. 

What's the Takeaway?

The way employees inhabit and office is transforming. People want to find comfort, flexibility, adaptability and peace in the places they work everyday, and it's more than just adding a bean bag chair and putting a ping pong table in the kitchen. Intentional, thoughtful design for the well-being and productivity of employees is being valued more and more, and in order to stay ahead of the curve, it may be time to re-evaluate what your space does for your team. 

That's where Accelerate comes in.

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