Multitouch technology has quickly emerged onto the scene amid popular demand for interactive devices in retail and commercial business spaces. Ranging from cell phones to self-service guest logs and patient surveys in healthcare, touch-screen technology has advanced to continually surprise, engage and delight users in new and unexpected places with more dynamic functionality than ever.

From grocery store checkouts to interactive board room displays, one major advantage touch-screens have over other input methods is ease-of-use. While the usual combination of keyboard and mouse is familiar to most users, the practice of reaching out and touching icons on a screen comes intuitively even to those without a computer background.


Turn Any Screen into a Touch-Screen with DISPLAX

Luckily, investing in touch-screen technology is more streamlined and effective than it used to be. Today, any DIRTT prefab wall with an embedded TV can be become a multi-touch surface. At Accelerate, we do this by utilizing our technology hardware partner, DISPLAX.

DISPLAX is a tech empowerment tool that promotes interactive collaboration to users in every vertical market. The optically clear film is applied to the back face of a DIRTT glass tile — it is sandwiched between the glass and the embedded TV and uses a USB cable to plug into a local computer. The DISPLAX film effectively converts any TV into smart technology that requires no added software.

As you consider implementing touch-screens in your workplace, it’s important to understand the value they bring to employees and customers alike.


Interactive Training Rooms

Across its many applications, touch-screen technology has been most effective as a learning tool. By removing excessive features and making your fingers the mouse, touch-screen interfaces have been shown to reduce training time for employees.

The idea is that when a user moves a mouse, there is some level of processing and identification that needs to occur before they move it to the desired location. For instance, when you open your laptop, you need to orient yourself to the location of the information first and then the location of your cursor second. Touch-screen interfaces remove this stage of doubt and instead empower users to interact with the software naturally and directly.

In an office space, touch-screens help employees juggle multiple tasks. An easy touch-screen interface requires less concentration to use than a mouse and keyboard. In fact, A study conducted by Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories indicated as much as a 20-percent reduction in response time for users of touch-screen systems versus a more traditional input method.


In Chicago, architecture planning and design firm, Callison RTKL, utilizes an 82” TV fitted with DISPLAX touch-screen technology in their interactive training room.

DISPLAX is a wonderfully approachable interface which can be built into or retroactively outfitted into any DIRTT media wall. It’s an obvious choice for training environments due to the human interface device (HID) technology that works with a wide range of operating systems.


Retail + Self-Service


(Social Security Administration Field Office | photo credit: Charlie Young)

Similar to a self-guided training, Accelerate Built Environments installed DISPLAX on 25 TVs for a Social Security Administration project in Chicago’s West Loop. The installation allows visitors to check-in at kiosks when they arrive, communicate via-touchscreen monitors while they are meeting with SSA staff or use it at “self-help” stations within the facility.

Like many other organizations, our client found that self-service applications help facilitate triaging and create a more organized customer-intake process.

In fact, they’re not the only ones who have learned the value of touch-screen interfaces. Just last year, Taco Bell won an innovation award for installing touch-screen ordering kiosks for customers as interactive solutions.


Board Rooms + Assembly Spaces

(CCI // Accelerate Office – We installed this in our Board Room on a 75” TV)

Your boardroom likely serves a variety of roles in your office. From daily meetings and collaboration to client presentations and web conferences, you’re no stranger to connecting your laptop to your screen and presenting to an audience.

The touch-screen is very responsive and extremely useful if you embed information in your slides and like to stand next to your presentation and interact with it physically. DISPLAX multi-touch technology has an impressive response time of only 5 milliseconds, which provides a seamless physical experience. This gives users a stable sense of control while navigating through a presentation.

If you’re interested in reducing customer wait times, implementing a state-of-the-art training facility or simply adding a new powerful piece of technology to your conference room, contact us to learn more about updating your technology with touch-screen capabilities.