The New Norm in K-12 Education Spaces.

Technology is the norm in every classroom starting as early as grade level 1 as students are given iPads or Chromebooks instead of their paper-books to study, share and complete their homework. What also is the challenge is how many of these building that are just 20 or maybe 50+ years old & how they respond and can keep responding moving forward. Accelerates approach to pre-fab interior construction using the DIRTT Solution allows for the interior classroom walls to integrate touch technology that can share the content wireless from the student devices. Walls are writable, they support the cabinets and shelves needed for the student supplies, and manage all of the power and networks needed for the learning spaces. All of these classrooms are now flexible to change with the trends and technology needs of the next generation to finally put an end to throwing away yesterdays construction. Now it is simply re-purposed in another arrangement with new finishes rapidly & clean.


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