Starting this month, Accelerate Built Environments began operating as a separate Corporate Concepts Inc. company to further reaffirm our commitment as a leader in manufactured interior construction. Accelerate will continue to leverage DIRTT’s cutting edge ICE technology to provide construction solutions that create better places to work, learn, and heal. Over the past 24 months we have completed over 250 projects across Chicagoland including the offices of professional sports teams, various major financial institutions and law firms, state of the art learning environments at suburban middle schools and community colleges, and Chicago’s largest indoor sky garden for Embassy Suites. All of these clients were able to leverage DIRTT’s ICE software and ICE VR to provide visual and cost certainty during the planning stages of their projects.

DIRTT’s co-founder and CEO Mogens Smed had this to say about the launch of Accelerate: “Right from inception, the DIRTT vision was to implement a Whole New Idea. We came into being to create a client experience unlike anything conventional construction has ever seen. For that to happen, we needed you to have a local team you could rely on. After all, construction, no matter how improved, is still an event that requires a deep level of responsibility and responsiveness. That is why we chose Accelerate Built Environments , who invested in a robust team to serve you inside the Chicago community.”